Sunday, November 05, 2006

Did someone get the license number off the truck that hit me?

Sorry for the slack bastard postings (or lack of), but the antibiotics didn't work on my sinus infection, and my fever's back. I'm doing well to stumble around the house and not drool on myself. Hopefully the doctor can see me sometime this week, and I'll be back to my old snarky self. I'll try to put up something later on, and catch up with all you lot.

Love and snot,

Fat Sparrow


Anonymous said...

Get well soon, fuckface. Your snarking is required on various posts across teh interweb.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better. That's what the fuck I just said to you.

Devin said...

Back to the drink cabinet STAT!!Dr.Devin has the medicine for ya.
Triple hot toddies and beans on toast.
Repeat until cabbaged and flatulent.

Old Knudsen said...

If you die can I have your clock?

ill man said...

If it's not the insects it's the lurgy............Cough us up a bit oflung for luck missus!


Fat Sparrow said...

Kav -- Thanks for the well-wishes. Will your wife be jealous of you calling me "fuckface"? I wouldn't want her to think I'm going down on you. Then again, wait.... Am I the only one on your blog who hasn't?

Sassy -- Thank you. Is that a Big Wheel in your pic? I miss my Big Wheel.

Devin -- I've been hitting the standard formula (Bloody Marys) but it hasn't helped. So much for that theory of Vitamin C knocking out infections.

And beans and toast? I'm American; are you trying to kill me? I can't even bear to watch when the Spouse Sparrow eats that shit. What I need is sashimi, and some sushi, and maybe some lovely albondigas soup with some flautas. And a Lottery win to afford all that.

Old Knudsen -- Yes. I heard you need a new clock. I heard yours was old and soft. As you can see, I get clocks that are young and firm and shiny. I get my clock from the Ill Man.

Ill Man -- It's all coming out the nose. Did you still want it?

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Yes, that was my Big Wheel that I got for my fifth birthday. When I say that I miss it, I'm not kidding. I really would ride a Big Wheel for adults (though probably not in public), as I would feel foolish.

Fat Sparrow said...

You know, I would too. It would beat the hell out of an exercize bike.

And you know what else I miss? Those giant balls with the handle, that you sit on and bounce all over, and bouncy horses, and those horses/animals on the giant stick spring that you used to find in parks, and Inchworms, and this mustang horse on wheels that bounced that I used to have. I'll bet that if some creative person started up a gym with all these in adult sizes, it would be highly popular. Even more so if you could bring your kids, and have them play in a safe environment at the same time.

Oh, and swings. You forget how much exercize you got on swings until you have a go on one as an adult.