Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tossing the salad

In case you Brit-type people have not heard, we have been having an E. coli scare here in the States, having to do with lettuce and spinach grown here in California.

Obviously, I am some sort of a mong, because upon hearing about the contaminated lettuce and spinach, I said "Mmmmmm, salad!" Then I promptly went out and bought a whole lot of lettuce and produce, and proceeded to chow down. Fucking power of suggestion.

You would think that the grocery stores would have lowered their prices, considering that people are dropping dead from eating veg, but no, they have not. A dollar fucking thirty-nine for iceberg lettuce, that's what they wanted per head in Stater Bros., if you can believe that. I went over to Superior (a Mexican/Hispanic grocery chain; slang for these types of stores would be "Mexi Mart") and they were only charging 79 cents. That's more like it. Also they are just a couple of blocks from us, which is always good when you're walking.

I am really starting to appreciate the Mexi Mart (which just opened last year), as you can get way cheaper meat and produce, plus all your Catholic/Botanica needs are covered, also. Anyplace where I can get cheap potatoes, a Virgin Mary candle, and a bottle of tequila is all right by me.

Fat Sparrow


Clairwil said...

Mexi-Mart! Is it real? It sounds too good to be true.

ill man said...

Ah! not one to let fear rule your grocery shopping. Quite right.

I've heard of infected veg in some burger bars where the kitchen staff cut salad after handling raw meat. Cue stories of people having half their digestive systems removed or other such horror stories.............

Fat Sparrow said...

Clairwil -- "Mexi-Mart! Is it real? It sounds too good to be true."

Unfortunately you cannot buy actual Mexicans there just at the moment, but as this is America, I am sure it will only be a matter of time.

And, while most of the signs in English are misspelled, my Spanish is passable, so I do okay. I think the "Ramone Noodle Soup" (instead of "ramen")sign is my favorite. Is that soup made from actual Ramones?

The religious section is totally class. Santeria candles, voodoo oils, etc. Did you know that you can buy an aerosol spray can of "Good Luck"? I shit you not. Not very lucky for the environment, but if it gets me the winning Lottery numbers, I'll make a donation to Greenpeace, ha.

Ill Man -- "Ah! not one to let fear rule your grocery shopping. Quite right."

Nah, I'm just stoopid.

Yeah, I still remember the Jack In The Box restaurant scare from years back. I still refuse to eat their burgers, just because they were so shitty about actually apologizing to the families of the little kids that died. Up to the last, they were trying to blame it on someone else.

At least with this veg scare, the field owners and veg companies have gotten on it right away. I mean, this is California, land of the salad bar. It looks like the contamination came from bovine fecal matter, that was washed in to the fields in run-off water. The problem is, they don't know if it's on the veg, or in the veg, as lettuce can take the E. coli straight up into it with the water.