Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Everyday is Hallowe'en

As Johnnyboy reminded me, I have been a slack bastard and have not posted. I apologize. Between the cleaning, the Fledgling Sparrow's birthday, my sinus infection, and plotting certain people's deaths, I have been busy.

My house is still a shithole, but the chunks are up, at least. Luckily for me, my parents weren't in here long, as we all took the kid out to dinner (Mexican food, yum!). I will have to do a more intensive cleaning before Thanksgiving, so I'm not looking forward to that. You lot may think I'm joking about the dust and dirt here, but it's no exaggeration. We live in a semi-desert area, with constant high winds, in a house that doesn't seal up. As soon as we dust, it settles right back down. If you go a couple of weeks without dusting, the dust on the bookshelves starts to get dunes and drifts.

We're still fairly busy, as we have the whole getting ready for Hallowe'en thing going on, and we will be out at the Community Center for a free Hallowe'en party and haunted house. The Nestling Sparrow has been practicing being a ghost and scaring people. We got him a pirate outfit, but I think he has decided to be a ghost pirate ("Arrrrrr! Boooo! Did I scare you? Did I scare you?"). The Fledgling Sparrow is dressing up in my Ren Faire outfit. She doesn't have the norks to fill the bodice out, but what can you do?

The Fledgling Sparrow has a friend coming over, who is going with us to the party. The Spouse Sparrow and I are planning on knocking back a few before we all go, so we do not have to kill the teenagers. The Fledgling Sparrow must have had an extra helping of stupid lately, as she has asked me five times (at least) what I am going as for Hallowe'en. I have told her repeatedly that I am not dressing up. She asked again last night, and I finally snapped and said "Yer ma!"

I love Hallowe'en. It's my favorite holiday; a holiday with no pressure. Christmas you have to worry about giving gifts, Thanksgiving you have to worry about cooking food and having people over, New Year's sucks if you are single, or if you are married with kids and can't go out, ditto for St. Patrick's, triple for Valentine's, and Easter has Lent and church and all that crap. Hallowe'en is the best, it's all about the fun, and no pressure at all. Hallowe'en is all about whatever you want it to be.

Happy Hallowe'en to all!

Fat Sparrow


Anonymous said...

G'way would ya. Feckin pagans celebrating Halloween.

Linzi's bought loads of sweets and all sorts of shite, and she's out with the kids this evening - I'll be fucked if I'm answering the door to any of the little bastards. I'll be sitting in the house munching on their carefully packaged goodie packs.

Cynnie said...

I lOVE halloween !
I can buy bags and bags of chocolates and no one gives me the "look" at the store
( you know the look..god..look at the cow buying all that candy..reckon shes gonna eat it herself? ,..in the parking lot ?)

ahh.sweet peace and sugar

Anonymous said...

rround where i live when the little fuckers come to the door and say Trick or Treaat unless you give em a tenner they put your fuckin windows thruogh with a brick and then chuck bangers at you. I know because i used to do it my sen, i'm not proud or owt I'm just saying, and before fuckin yanks brough it over here we never had rtick or treat, now all grannies are scared shitless, keeps em off the streets thuogh dosnt it. fuckin grannies, with their weird hair and skinny fingers. they turn me on and they know it.

Foot Eater said...

I hope your sinuses are unblocked, though a snot-glazed face might have made a good Halloween costume.

Fat Sparrow said...

Kav -- "I'll be sitting in the house munching on their carefully packaged goodie packs."

You do know how dirty that sounds, right?

Cynnie -- The after-Hallowe'en candy sales are the best.

Haden -- Now why didn't I think of that as an excellent way to get some cash? Old people should be put down (yes, I'll be doing another post on those fuckers). You did make me laugh, you make old grannies sound like Kate Moss. Is there anything that doesn't turn you on?

Footie -- Thanks, I think I may have that anyway. The sinus germs are putting up a rebellion against the antibiotics. I'm going through more tissues than Haden on a wank-fest.