Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spouse Sparrow, and all that implies

We will be having a new contributor here at "Fat Sparrow" -- my husband, Spouse Sparrow.

So, you can all quit complaining how I bore you senseless, and you can pressure him to post something funny, dammit.

Fat Sparrow


Me! said...

Go on then. be funny Spouse Sparrow. No pressure!

Spouse Sparrow said...

How do you make a dog drink?

put it in a blender.

Well I tried.

Anonymous said...

I hear you're poorly Fat Sparrow. That's no good. Hope the anti-biotics do their job and we see you back soon. Plenty rest and fluid and all that shite. Hope you're in good hands. Put it this way, my old grandfather, when he wasn't running away from Germans in the trenches at Ypres was very fond of Victorian medicine. Arsenic enemas and the like. It was the self application of a mercury and seaweed poultice to an old war wound that finally offed him. Silly old bugger.