Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am cursed! Cursed, I tell you!


My stupid VCR fucked up, and I did not get to see "House" again! Damn Fox to hell for putting it on before the kids are in bed!

I am now convinced that there must be a Judeo-Christian God, because who else would want to fuck me over this badly, besides my ex-husband? I mean, I don't mind getting fucked in the ass repeatedly (as I like anal sex, dammit), but for fuck's sake, God, use some fucking lube next time!

I suppose I will now have to start budgeting for a new VCR, because if you think I get upset over missing TV shows, you should see what will happen if the Nestling Sparrow does not get his Nick Jr. fix, or, God forbid, is not able to watch "Bambi."

On a side note, we got a new (expensive, but it works) weed whacker, and went to the Fledgling Sparrow's "Back To School Night" at her high school. It's nice to have teachers tell you how wonderful and intelligent and polite and professional your kid is, even if you never see it at home. Plus, my dad bought us dinner from the fund-raiser booths there at the school. Hamburgers and nachos and root beer floats and churros and cheesecake and..... This is beginning to sound like Footie's breakfast list. Anyway, free food is good.

Fat Sparrow

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