Thursday, September 07, 2006

Great White Hunter

The Spouse Sparrow has been living up to expectations, as far as catching bugs for the baby mockingbird to eat. Today he wrestled with a grasshopper of monstrous proportions, and caught it.

I am in the kitchen, and hear a noise out in the backyard. I rush to the kitchen door, to see the Spouse Sparrow thrashing around, and yipping "Fuck! Fuck!"

I was thinking that something was attacking him, maybe a local crackhead that had scaled our backyard wall, but no, he was twatting a grasshopper out of the air, and then flushing it out of its hiding spot.

It was most impressive. The grasshopper was rather large, and had to be cut up and fed to the baby bird over several feedings.

When the world ends, you lot may well be fucked, but my children will eat well.

Fat Sparrow

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