Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In which I introduce Old Knudsen, the crazy rambling fucker

We have a new contributor, Old Knudsen, for those of you that were wondering what those last posts were all about.

He can also be found on his blog, Old Bitter Balls, which is also in my links section. You will notice a marked difference in the style of his posts on his blog, as compared to what has been posted here. I am an anal-retentive type of bird, who likes a tidy nest, so I edited and cleaned up his posts. I won't be doing that anymore, as that was the hell of a lot of trouble to go through for that illiterate fucker. You'll just have to enjoy his comments au naturel when he comments on here.

If there is too much whinging (not the least of which will be on my part), I may go back to editing his posts. Either way, don't blame me for his shortcomings, him being a short-arse is not my fault.

Fat Sparrow

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Illiterate am I?, I'll have you know Old Knudsen's parents were married in a church and he was born in wedlock 3 years later,HA!